Last Program Change: 25.1.2014 German Income Tax Calculator

German Wage Tax Calculator    (2010-2014)

Gross/Net and Net/Gross-Calculation
  Tax Category         
  Children (from Tax Card)       being Parent   Wage paid  
  born   Net Salary       Gross Salary:     Euro
  Church Tax:       Extra Payment     Euro
working in 

East Germany 

  in Saxony  
  Tax-Free Allowance (from Tax card)   Euro
  up to 800 (2013: 850) Euro-Job   (= lower Social Security Contributions. Tax only at categ. 5)    
  Health Insurance  
Health Insurance Rate

  Premium f. Private Health Insurance    Euro  
half paid by the employer              
  monthly Premium f. basic needs    Euro  
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Wolfgang Parmentier