Last Program Change: 23.01.2015 German Income Tax Calculator

German Wage Tax Calculator    (2010-2015)

Gross/Net and Net/Gross-Calculation
  Tax Category         
  Children (from Tax Card)       being Parent   Wage paid  
  born   Net Salary       Gross Salary:     Euro
  Church Tax:       Extra Payment     Euro
working in 

East Germany 

  in Saxony  
  Tax-Free Allowance (from Tax card)   Euro
  up to 850 Euro-Job   (= lower Social Security Contributions. Tax only at categ. 5)    
  Health Insurance  
Health Insurance Rate
Health Insurance Rate     %    
Additional Rate   %
    Premium f. Private Health Insurance    €  
half paid by the employer                  
  monthly Premium f. basic needs      €  
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