Globuli are uniformly formed white spheres made of saccharose alone or in combination with lactose, used in the preparation of homoeopathic drug products.

Globules are produced according to the monographs of the homoeopathic pharmacopoeias. To produce pharmaceutical drug products, the globules are coated in a 1:100 ratio with the ethanol dilution of the desired homoeopathic potency. After air-drying, the final drug product is obtained. Usually, 5 globules are administered as a single dose unit.

Available HAB Sizes

  HAB 3 HAB 4 HAB 5
No Globules/g 110 - 130 70 - 90 40 - 50
Diameter (mm) ca. 2.15 ca. 2.50 ca. 3.00


Appearance white, spherical globules with sweet taste
Acidic or alkaline reacting impurities max 1.5 ml NaOH 0.1 N
Sulphated Ash max. 0.1%
Loss On Drying max. 0.1%
Impregnation min. 90 %
Microbial Quality
Total Count max. 1000/g
Salmonella absent in 1 g
E. Coli absent in 1 g

Packing25 kg pails
Shelf life2 years
StorageAt ambient temperature, protected from moisture.