ADM Isoflavones NovaSoy are exclusively extracted from soy in the most gentle way to preserve the natural profile and ratio of the Isoflavones and its other natural components found in soy beans. NovaSoy is rich in Genistein and Daidzein, of which 98% are preserved in their natural form. In NovaSoy 400, the content of Isoflavones is at least 40%. In addition, the extract contains 41% of other components from soy (mostly saponins) and approximately 9% of proteins.

Three modifications of Soy Isoflavones are distinguished and each of it occurs in different forms. The aglycons are Genistein, Daidzein and Glycitein.

Daidzein Genestin
Daidzein Genistein

The corresponding glycosides are Genistin, Daidzin and Gylcitin. In NovaSoy their ratio is 1.3:1:0.2, identical to the ratio occuring in soy beans. In terms of glycosides, an additional 6''-O-acetyl- and 6-O''-malonyl-residue can be incorporated.

The estrogenic and antioxidant properties are of particular interest for cosmetics. Genistein is well validated and has found applications in the treatment of prostate and menopause related health problems as well as remedy against osteoporosis. In contrast, the usage in cosmetics is just being explored recently.

Material Safety Data Sheet for NovaSoy®

Novasoy® 400 Data sheet

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