Our Quality Policy

Since 1880, GUSTAV PARMENTIER GMBH has established a stringent quality assurance process on the supply of our products and services. For more than 130 years, we have committed to delivering products that are of high quality and we continue to improve our business processes. Since October 2003 the distribution of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic raw materials has been ISO 9001 certified.

Corporate Principles of Gustav Parmentier

The management and employees of GUSTAV PARMENTIER jointly commit themselves to quality assurance and continuous improvement. The following principles are the paramount guidelines that govern the behaviour of our management and employees in order to meet the expectations of our customers.

Tradition in progress
Our company was founded in 1880. We combine modern execution of work processes and innovations with traditional trade values.

While dealing with customers we commit to give reliable and trustworthy information. We complete our tasks in a consistent manner.

Professional expertise
We ensure high and current professional expertise regarding possible applications of our products.

Speed and flexibility
We react fast and flexible, operating in a lean organisation of a small company.

Suppliers quality
Our services are mostly determined by the products of our partners. Thus, we pay great attention in choosing products and managing suppliers/manufacturers capable of delivering premium quality products.

Continuous improvement
We commit ourselves to validate our products and processes regularly and to constantly improve the efficiency of our quality management system.