PARMCOMPRESS is a unique material suitable for the production of tablets using direct compression technology. Tablets of higher quality and uniformity can be achieved using PARMCOMPRESS, thus improving process robustness through substantial reduction of processing time and labour.

PARMCOMPRESS is available in two grades: PARMCOMPRESS, Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate, and PARMCOMPRESS wasserfrei, Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrate.

PARMCOMPRESS (dihydrate)

PARMCOMPRESS is a dicalcium phosphate dihydrate that is white, free-flowing and chemically stable during storage. It has a distinctive particle size, shape and dimension. For formulation with less than 50 % of API, PARMCOMPRESS can be used as the only filler and binder.

The compaction/ hardness profile of PARMCOMPRESS shows excellent compressibility, thus indicating the potential to incorporate a high proportion of poorly compressible materials in the formulation. The particle size distribution of PARMCOMPRESS ranges between 0.05 and 0.4 mm, which is within range of the majority of active ingredients, therefore ensuring uniformity during blending and minimizing the possibility of segregation in the hopper of tablet press.

The particles size, shape and density of PARMCOMPRESS offers good flow properties which is required by modern, high speed tablet presses for good tablet weight uniformity.

During formulation of tablet, the active ingredient is dry blended together with PARMCOMPRESS. A small percentage of lubricant (0.5% to 0.8% of magnesium stearate) is usually added. If required, a disintergrant, colour or other additive may be dry blended along with the API and lubricant. After approximately 15 minutes of blending in a conventional blender (blending time may vary with the proportion and physical characteristics of the API), the powder is then ready for compression on any commercial tableting machine.

PARMCOMPRESS should never be processed in a ball mill or similar devices nor should the particle size range be removed by sifting. Both processes could lead to the loss of flowability and compressability. One outstanding property of dicalciumphosphate is its low hygroscopicity. The moisture content stays constant at approximately 2.7% even when the relative humidity increases from 40% to 80%. At elevated temperatures, dicalciumphosphate releases its water crystal and changes into a more stable water-free form.

PARMCOMPRESS is compatible with most active ingredients. However, incompatibility could arise with basic-sensitive substances because the pH-value of a 20% suspension is around pH 7.6.

In nutritional supplements, PARMCOMPRESS can be use as a source of calcium (E 341). Due to the nutritional benefits of PARMCOMPRESS together with its excellent tabletting properties, the tablet mass and volume can be reduced. 1 g of PARMCOMPRESS contains 232.5 mg elementary calcium.

PARMCOMPRESS wasserfrei (anhydrate)

PARMCOMPRESS wasserfrei has similar properties to the dihydrate and the production differs only in the the final drying step. While the dihydrate can convert during storage to the anhydrate, the latter remains stable and does not hydrate to form the dihydrate.

The use of PARMCOMPRESS wasserfrei is therefore always indicated when substances susceptible to hydrolysis are processed and, if a change in the release kinetics due to tablet aging has to be avoided. Another advantage of the anhydrate is the high calcium content: 1 g of PARMCOMPRESS wasserfrei contains 291.0 mg elementary calcium.

Packing25 kg paper sacks or 50 kg paper drum
Shelf life3 years
StorageAt ambient temperature, protected from moisture.

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